The Christmas Button Story By Helen Hamill & Christina Ryan


After reading the Button story collection I was delighted to find there was another rather special book to add to my much loved collection – The Christmas button story!

We all love a sweet, Christmas story but this one should definitely be read by everyone.

I immediately fell in love with the book because it celebrates a diverse family background, we need more books like this  that show us and celebrate different ethnicities and cultures.


We find out that a Christmas tree has been left without a star, but Santa comes to the rescue! In a classic Christmas tale style we see different characters offer help. The plot itself is completely charming.


This gem of a book bought back lots of memories for me and my children including Christmas traditions, food and recipes, cold snowy nights.

I even adored the lovely moral of the story – helping others, which was so clearly written all my children understood this message.

I can’t think of a more convincing recommendation for this book than the fact that my 2 year old always picks this book up to read, even though we’re in the middle of April! He loves the rich, warm colours and the open plaintive faces on the characters.

Here are some of the craft ideas you could link to this beautifully written book including Christmas tree decorations, Christmas button biscuits and paintings.


To find out more about this book and where you may be able to purchase it please visit:

I rate this book  5/5 lillies! – A must read!

5 out of 5 lily